Masters Supply, Inc.

I am thrilled to report the progress our management team has made since we hired Jeff Peden and Culture Docs. We became culturally stronger and more aware with the components Jeff taught us with his programs. And, all of our employees now understand our culture through a new mission and vision statement and our five core values.

After 11 monthly meetings on our own, Jeff joined us at our last meeting to observe our progress. He was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of our meeting, and commented on our progress in communication, collaboration, responsibilities with results, and living out our five core values. We allowed Jeff to collaborate in the meeting and he presented a “Continuous Improvement Conversation (CIC)” which allows us to identify and define an issue or opportunity, utilize group problem solving, and execute an action plan for the issue or opportunity.

We had an internal inventory issue which needed solutions. With Jeff’s CIC put into action, I can proudly say we put a solution into place. I asked everyone on the team to be accountable for their part and they responded positively with solutions.

I gladly promote Jeff Peden and Culture Docs for the programs they have put in place to help companies grow their cultures and have total employee buy-in.

Our sales have reached a double-digit percentage increase for the first time since 2006 and our bottom line has increased as well. I attest part of this to Culture Docs and the culture our management team has created throughout our company.

Jack Bell
President / CEO
Masters Supply Inc. and Creative Kitchen and Bath

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